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Frank, Deputy Superintendent of Regulation

As the Deputy Superintendent of Regulation, supervisory support in the Financial Institutions Division, I lead a team of professionals who are responsible for market surveillance and emerging risks, preparing guidances and policy advice and the collection and management of information we receive from financial institutions. My team ensures having procedures in place to facilitate early identification and appropriate escalation of current and emerging risks, and effective and efficient support systems for early detection and resolution of problems which may arise. We coordinate policy initiatives and legislative changes and communicate them to our stakeholders, and collect and manage information from financial institutions. My role requires me to work closely with our supervision and regulations teams, industry stakeholders, the federal regulator as well as other provincial regulators.

How Long Have You Been with FICOM?

Since 2008

What is Your Education/Background?

I majored in finance and management, and also hold a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada. Currently, I´m actively pursuing a chartered financial analyst (CFA) designation.

What is Your Career Path?

I am interested in anything that allows me to broaden my knowledge and experience in corporate finance and governance as well as the financial services sector. My career plan is guided by roles that offer plenty of challenge, diverse work opportunities and the prospect to learn new things. FICOM certainly offers all of that.

What is it About Your Job and FICOM That You Like?

I strongly believe that you have to enjoy what you do and the people you work with. The individuals that I work with are highly dedicated professionals that are committed to achieving work excellence. I also find that the broad experience that you gain from working at FICOM is unlike the private sector. It´s professionally rewarding to know that your work helps contribute to the financial stability in British Columbia.

Any Advice for Others Looking to Join FICOM or Who Are Starting Out in Their Career?

Be ready for a challenge and come prepared to learn. Having a positive outlook doesn´t hurt either